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Leo Monthly Horoscope


- July 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    The first week will be somewhat tense professionally due to the Mars/Pluto square which causes some tension. Then, Mars continues to stimulate your sector of activity. Its sextile with Mercury helps you find a way to deal with difficult opponents or demanding bosses. Until the 18th, Venus will spoil you! Friendships and love affairs will surround you with their warmth, presence and attention. This will keep you smiling in spite of the few annoyances. You'll be able to hold on!

  • Your love life

    Venus lightens the mood. Friendships and love are present for all, whether you are alone or in a couple. It's summer, joy is expressed, pleasures follow each other and are not alike, there is something for everyone. Lightness, complicity, humor, everything is gathered to offer you a fulfilling month of July. Even though Venus will be in the shadows 19th onward, you will keep smiling thanks to Mercury who will arrive in your sign at the same time. Your social and love life continues to satisfy you!

  • Your career

    The beginning of the month is somewhat tense due to the Mars/Pluto dissonance that affects the sector. Then, Mars continues to stimulate the sector while giving you the means to materialize a project or to launch into a promising action, especially since Jupiter remains benevolent towards you. Saturn will force you to stay within the rules if you give in to Uranus who will push you to bring something new, or even break the codes. Do not get lost along the way.

  • Your finances

    Neptune in this sector can have two influences: it can give you the right plans and encourage you to listen to your intuition, but it can also put you in a state of confusion, making you believe in smoke and mirrors. It's up to you to use Mercury in your sign from the 20th onwards to demonstrate enlightened reasoning and well thought out decision making. We trust you! Jupiter, well situated, brings its share of luck and amplifies the effects of your creativity.

  • Your wellbeing

    In spite of a Sun in the shadows until the 22nd, which somewhat depresses your vitality, you keep a good morale thanks to Jupiter in a friendly sign, and Mercury which joins you 20th onward. Friends and love are present this month, so take advantage of them, they are your best health asset! You feel loved, desired, appreciated, and for you, nothing more could be more important and comforting. This immediately puts you in a dynamic shape despite the fatigue.

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 2nd, the desire to change everything in your life takes over!
    On the 11th, you are in great demand for your talents.
    On the 20th, you make an important decision for your future.
    On the 28th, with the New Moon in trine with Jupiter, everything is possible for you!

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