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Leo Weekly Horoscope


- Week 36, 2022 -

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  • LOVE



  • Your week

    Wastefulness, lack of reflection, lack of strategy, the Sun-Mars square will make you move forward this week in an ill-advised and presumptuous way. You will really not doubt yourself! But this will prove to be a mistake...

  • Your love life

    As far as your relationship is concerned, you're getting slightly bored of your partner always trying to tease you. Some of their recent actions really have overstepped the mark! You could tell them off in no uncertain terms on more than one occasion.

  • Your compatibilities this week

    You love

    Who would have thought? You and Capricorn, hand in hand, laughing out loud! You work miracles, thanks to you, he/she lets go...

    You avoid

    It's hard to get this Virgo native to break the routine...You tried hard! You drop the case!

  • Your weekend

    You will be too busy trying to deal with life's imponderables to take care of your loved ones... Your financial worries will not make it easy for you to relax. You're quickly running out of money! How are you going to put food on the table?

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