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Oprah Winfrey

February 6, 2018

Sun 9o Aquarius in 2, Moon 19o Sagittarius in 12, Ascendant 29o Sagittarius, Mercury 19o Aquarius in 2, Venus 9o Aquarius in 2, Mars 24o Scorpio in 11, With the Sun in Aquarius in 2: Independence and friendship motivate Oprah


February 6, 2018

Sun 27o Capricorn, Moon 1o Pisces, Mercury 5o Capricorn, Venus1o Pisces, Mars 4o Aquarius, Sun in Capricorn: Michelle is a quiet person with a strong will and a lot of determination. She might be shy as she is discrete and

Kate Middleton

February 6, 2018

Sun 19o Capricorn in 5/6, Moon 19o Cancer in 11/12, Ascendant 20o Leo, Mercury in Aquarius in 6, Venus in Aquarius in 6, Mars in Libra in 3, Sun in Capricorn in 5/6: Kate is a strong-willed person with a

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