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Virgo Monthly Horoscope


- February 2023 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    With the help of Pluto and Mercury, until the 10th, you will find it easier to analyze, study proposals, projects and identify the people around you. These stars can also make you want to deepen your knowledge, to undertake training, to improve your skills. Venus and Neptune create a romantic climate, but at the beginning of the month, Mars may sow discord and the New Moon of the 20th, conjoined to Saturn, announces a cooling down...

  • Your love life

    Venus blows hot and cold throughout the month. In the couple's sector, it is rather favorable. Except that she will form a square to Mars at the beginning of the month, which means that you will have a few spats. On the other hand, in the middle of the month, its sextile to Uranus is of the best effect for your love affairs. A meeting, a reconciliation, a new beginning... Then the New Moon returns to put the brakes on by its conjunction to Saturn in this sector. Cooling down is guaranteed! Then, in Aries, she becomes the conqueror again, but forgets how to be sweet!

  • Your career

    The stars are encouraging you to take your knowledge to the next level, either through training, further education, or a return to school. Whatever the case, you have all the qualities you need to get started! You will be able to improve your current situation. Mars in this sector forces you to move forward, not to wait for something to happen, but to take things in hand. Despite Saturn complicating the situation somewhat, you will succeed!

  • Your finances

    Venus and Jupiter in the sector help you fill your cash drawer! All the credit goes to you, even if Jupiter brings some luck, for the rest, you are in control of your finances and you know how to handle it. On the other hand, there could be a question of an inheritance or a matter of patrimony, donation or other that will keep you busy. Mercury, until the 10th, will help you to highlight your abilities and creativity. Don't hide your talents any longer, they can pay off!

  • Your wellbeing

    You are doing a little too much, as you often do, and your body is starting to feel recurrent fatigue. What if you think about yourself a little more? Your helpful nature leads you to forget about yourself, but your body reminds you through joint pain or blood circulation problems. Promise yourself that you'll put yourself first, just this once, to avoid bigger worries that would force you to limit your activities further.

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 2nd, it's an excellent day to show your love!
    On the 7th, list your priorities so as not to go off in all directions.
    On the 18th, a solution is found as if by magic!
    On the 26th, you show formidable lucidity due to which you take a thorn out of your side.

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