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Cancer Weekly Horoscope


- Week 48, 2023 -

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  • LOVE



  • Your week

    Cancer, get ready for an eventful week! With the Moon in Gemini to start the week, expect a whirlwind of communication and movement. Mercury in Sagittarius intensifies this sense of motion, encouraging you to embrace a broader vision of your life. Venus in Libra promises harmony and maybe even a little romance. Mars in Sagittarius pushes for determined action. Be careful to manage your energy well so you don't exhaust yourself. Remember that even in astrology, moderation is much more pleasing!

  • Your love life

    Cancer, this week, love is very present, whether it is new or well-established. For singles, the Moon in Gemini can bring interesting encounters. But be careful, Mercury in Sagittarius can make it difficult to distinguish a one-night stand from a true love affair. For those in a relationship, Venus in Libra favors balance and harmony, it could even rekindle the flame as on the first day. Whatever happens, enjoy yourself and let yourself be charmed by Cupid's surprises.

  • Your compatibilities this week

    You love

    Cancer, your bond with Taurus is set to be particularly strong this week. Thanks to Jupiter in Taurus, you'll find yourselves on the same wavelength, basking in ultra-positive energies for a truly fulfilling week!

    You avoid

    Cancer, tread carefully with Sagittarius this week. With Mars in Sagittarius, conflictual situations could spring up. It's best to keep your distance to avoid the turbulence!

  • Your weekend

    Cancer, your weekend looks quite pleasant. With the Moon in Cancer boosting your sensitivity and Mercury in Capricorn helping you communicate effectively, the stage is set for family gatherings and moments shared with your close friends. Furthermore, Venus in Libra might even bring you a beautiful encounter or allow you to enjoy a romantic moment as a couple. Take advantage of this weekend to recharge and share beautiful moments.

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