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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


- March 2024 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Expect a surge of creative energy around mid-March, when the Sun forms a trine with the Moon (on March 19th). Harness this dynamism to usher positive changes into your life. However, beware not to let your emotions engulf you during the opposition of the Moon and Jupiter (on March 28th). Take a step back and breathe. How about a woodland hike to clear your mind?

  • Your love life

    In a relationship, strive for transparency in your conversations this month. The Moon's trine with Mercury on March 21st will foster impassioned exchanges. If you're single, revel in your freedom and partake in activities with your friends. Toward the month's end, beware of overworking yourself under the influence of the Moon opposed to Jupiter. Make time to recharge and engage in a hobby you love. A moment of balance will be crucial to prevent solitude from weighing too heavily on your spirits..

  • Your career

    This is the month to showcase your potential. In the first half, squeeze every drop out of your inventiveness. The tendency will lean towards innovation under the influence of the Moon in trine with Mercury. However, around March 21st, double up on caution and display tact in your dealings with others during the Moon-Uranus square. Encourage open dialogue instead of succumbing to unnecessary tensions among colleagues. Fear not, this period will pass swiftly. Focus on constant improvement and the results will follow suit.

  • Your finances

    Mars beckons you towards profound contemplation of your finances. When the Sun forms a trine with the Moon, around the 19th of March, it's an opportunity to take stock. Make the most of this period to reassess your home's energy consumption or scrutinize your car's efficiency. A few adjustments could translate to significant savings. However, exercise caution towards the end of the month: do not give in to impulsive purchases under the influence of the Moon/Jupiter opposition. The practical advice? Maintain a shopping list to stay focused and ward off unnecessary expenditures.

  • Your wellbeing

    From mid-March, you will feel an overflowing energy due to the favorable alignment of the Sun and the Moon. Channel this force into your creative passions for effortless revitalization. However, when the Moon opposes Jupiter around March 28, it's advised to steer clear of excesses. Allow yourself moments of relaxation, perhaps by revisiting your favorite novel or playing a musical instrument. Remember, maintaining a balance between your activities is essential to sustain your dynamism throughout the month. Do you feel ready to welcome this energy boost?

  • Your astro-dates

    On March 19, the Sun-Moon trine generates a vibrant energy - ideal for kick-starting new projects. Come the 21st, during the Moon-Uranus square, brace yourself for surprises. Don't let them throw you off balance, instead, make the most of unforeseen situations. Lastly, the 28th brings a tense face-off between the Moon and Jupiter - safeguard your serenity at all costs. Each of these days is pivotal in its own way - stay flexible and maneuver skillfully through the ups and downs.

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