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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


- September 2023 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    During the first fortnight, Mercury, retrograde and dissonant to your sign, generates annoyances, delays and errors, all the more so as square Neptune weakens your ability to concentrate. Fortunately, Mars in Libra strengthens your ability to adapt and cope. Perfect for this busy back-to-school period! As for your heart, Venus continues to shower you with its blessings, both as a couple and solo. You feel in perfect harmony!

  • Your love life

    Venus, generous and passionate in Leo, enriches your love life, stimulating and pampering it! Its trine to Mars reinforces your desire... As a couple, if you're thinking of expanding your family, this seems to be the right time. Feelings are intense, and the desire to put down roots in your relationship leads you to multiply long-term joint projects. You might even consider buying your future home. If you're a single person, love is just waiting for you, so make up your mind - your choice will be the right one!

  • Your career

    Mars is your best asset, and you can rely on it. In fact, your sense of adaptability will be amplified by Libra, as will your talent for conciliation. As a result, whatever the difficulties, you'll master the situation with a master's hand. This autumn, you'll be very busy. Beware of the risk of errors generated by Mercury in dissonance and retrograde until the 15th, and by Neptune in squares. Double your vigilance!

  • Your finances

    Some good, some not so good! Well-placed Venus will help you make good business deals and generate income. On the other hand, Mercury retrograde until the 15th, in square to your sign all month, opposed to Saturn and then Neptune, plays both sides. With Saturn, you're stuck with your spending, and you'll have to stick to strict management; with Neptune, it's open bar on the stores! Impose discipline on yourself with a set amount for your purchases and respect your own rules!

  • Your wellbeing

    Mars, throughout the month, and the Sun, from the 24th, keep you in shape. You'll go into the autumn with a will that won't waver, and real self-confidence. Venus makes you attractive and stimulates your desire to take care of your appearance, which will boost your self-confidence and ease. Jupiter, your favourite planet, encourages you to multiply excesses of all kinds, and Neptune could encourage you to maintain an addiction... As you can see, there's some reframing to be done!

  • Your astro-dates

    Weeks 1 to 10: On the 7th, you'll come up with more and more ideas for projects with your partner.
    Week from 11th to 17th: On the 12th, too much carefree attitude can hide a repressed worry...
    Weeks 18 to 24: On the 22nd, your sensitivity will be heightened. Put things into perspective...
    Weeks 25 to 30: On the 30th, you'll find it hard to know whether you love or hate!

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