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Pisces Monthly Horoscope


- February 2023 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Mercury until the 11th puts you in touch with people useful to your projects and reinforces your ability to surround yourself well. Venus and Neptune in your sign will take care of your love life, but not only. Your social life is enriched, Uranus introduces you to new people who will make you want to make changes in your life. New encounters, new horizons, you develop innovative projects in order to get off the beaten track. Confidence is back in full swing!

  • Your love life

    Venus is at your service! As an accomplice of Uranus, this beautiful woman will have fun provoking surprise invitations, unexpected encounters and guaranteed love at first sight! Romanticism invites itself, sweetness, tenderness not to mention passion are on your agenda. However, keep your mind clear, because Neptune, your planet is strong, because it is in your sign, and it is always difficult to understand, especially since it is conjoined to Venus, so it may make you think that the Moon is made of cheese....

  • Your career

    Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, this is the time to exploit your talents, your intellectual abilities and to believe in your projects. Don't give too much importance to the dissonance of Mars and Saturn, in the end these influences will push you to be more attentive to those around you, to not let yourself be influenced or stepped on. Say what you have to say without adding to it. Your arguments will be enough to set things right. The New Moon on the 20th inspires you. Just do it!

  • Your finances

    Until the 11th, Mercury facilitates the inflow of money through the signing of contracts, or the strengthening of your assets. Jupiter in this sector promises profitable actions, contacts that support you, help that is granted to you. And Venus, as you know, handles love, but also money, in your sign is a strong ally. But here too, with Neptune close by, you must be super vigilant and not get dazzled by miraculous promises of gaining more money.

  • Your wellbeing

    When love is present, everything is! You won't contradict it. You feel filled with a saving sap. In spite of the Sun in the shade, you hold on, carried by your projects, by your entourage which loves you, through the confidence in your actions. You feel that you are on the right track and this is enough to keep you going. Love and projects are your best remedies for fatigue. Your spirits are high. Remember to go to bed earlier to get the full benefits of sleep.

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 2nd, you are in love as if it were the first day!
    On the 8th, don't trust too easily, deception in sight!
    On the 17th, a visit from a friend brings back touching memories...
    On the 22nd, you are in total osmosis with your loved one...

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