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Libra Weekly Horoscope


- Week 40, 2023 -

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  • Your week

    Libra, your week promises to be rich in opportunities, with a general atmosphere tinged with harmony thanks to Mars in Libra. However, be wary of the Moon in Taurus, which could make things a little more stubborn. Furthermore, Mercury in Virgo could favor technical details. If you are considering negotiating a contract or creating a website this week, you may be surprised by your ability to perceive small details that you would normally have missed. However, with the Moon/Venus square, be careful of a possible rise in selfishness. Make sure to negotiate with tact and elegance.

  • Your love life

    Libra, whether single or in a relationship, buckle up! With Mars in Libra this week, expect an increase in your libido. For couples, getting closer is on the agenda. Don't overlook the small details revealed by Mercury in Virgo. For singles, don't let the Moon in Taurus make you too stubborn, be open to new encounters. However, with the square between the Moon and Venus, the temptation of selfishness could be strong. Remember: in love, sharing is everything!

  • Your compatibilities this week

    You love

    Libra, make way for the astonishing Taurus this week! With the Moon in its sign, Taurus will bring the stability and determination needed to balance your Martian energy.

    You avoid

    Libra, be wary of Lions this week. With Venus residing in their sign, their flamboyance can prove to be a bit too intense for your natural balance.

  • Your weekend

    Get ready for a dynamic weekend with Mars in your sign. Engage in activities that you are passionate about, showcase your creativity, and express your true self. However, the Moon's transit through the exuberant sign of Leo could cause some minor disruptions. Make sure to stay centered and not let your emotions overwhelm you. In short, buckle up, put it in high gear, and enjoy this exciting ride called life!

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