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Leo Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    Saturn will force you to face your responsibilities right from the off this year. From the 13th, Mars will help you better adapt to different situations, and you will be able to stand out from the crowd. In spite of the risk of overwork, your motivation will not weaken and your commitments will be honored on time. On the sentimental front, you will have to start talking and listening.


    The Full Moon of February 5 in your sign will mark the start of a period rich in emotions. Expect beautiful surprises on the sentimental front, the start of a new love story or an emotional reunion. Mercury will cause you to lose your bearings... Which isn't something you will mind! Your expertise will be a major asset in order to boost your career.


    As it leaves Aquarius on the 7th, Saturn will help you finally conclude an interesting financial transaction. As a result, you will be able to rethink your priorities in life, at long last! You hope that this month will mark the start of a more enjoyable and rewarding era. Your love life will be spiced up by Venus in Aries until the 16th.


    Mars and Jupiter will stimulate your imagination and desire to be successful. You will not be afraid to pursue your goals! If you're looking for a job, you could be made an exciting offer. Your social life will be more rewarding than your love affairs. If you are single, you will be torn between looking for a serious relationship and having a bit more fun for the time being!

  • MAY

    From the 7th, Venus will put you in a more introspective mood on the love front. From the 16th, Jupiter in Taurus will mainly express itself in your professional sector. You should be able to get projects matching your expectations underway. The way will be clear for you to set the bar higher for yourself. On the 20th, with Mars in Leo, you will need to get out of your comfort zone.

  • JUNE

    From the 5th, Venus will brighten up your love life. You will be passionate, impulsive and you will seek stimulating relationships. You will wear your heart on your sleeve and you will not be afraid to show your teeth in order to defend your clan. From the 18th, a challenge will push you out of your comfort zone. At work, you will remain cautious in your commitments...

  • JULY

    Mars will give impetus to your actions and stimulate your finances. This will be the time for you to reap the fruits of your hard work or reach a favorable arrangement. Mercury will allow you to sign a contract or get involved in a new professional venture. Venus will have a surprise in store for you in love. Single, you could be introduced to an interesting stranger.


    Mercury will stress you out about money. You will be terrified of going over budget, but Mars will save the day. Your bank balance will be given a nice little boost just at the right time, don't worry. Venus will bring you closer to the people you love and allow you to enjoy serene your relationships. You will opt for playful activities rather than trying to break records.


    Jupiter moving backward will support your efforts and strengthen your beliefs. You'll know what you want and you will be determined to show what you are worth. You will be in the mood to explore new horizons in order to improve your professional situation. Venus will put your social life on the back burner, with love taking center stage thanks to countless romantic initiatives.


    Incredibly charming and dynamic, people will be desperate to work alongside you this month. Until the 9th, the Venus/Mars duo will bring your creative talents to light. You will rally the people around you behind a beautiful project. Mercury will bring an unmissable opportunity your way. In love, everything will be forgiven and your libido will be given a wonderful boost.


    You will not be fully fulfilled emotionally. You will take your frustration out on the people around you, even though they are not necessarily responsible for your issues. With Mars in Scorpio, you will be forced to deal with a series of contradictory events or a situation at a standstill. Above all, keep your cool and don't mix business with pleasure.


    Your situation will change, you will lose your bearings and you will not know how to approach your future. Mars will be staying in Sagittarius, bringing you support and reassurance. The New Moon on the 12th will give the green light to a personal project you want to launch. From the 29th, Venus will brighten up your days and nights, with a possible encounter for those of you who are single.

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