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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


- May 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    The Sun and Uranus in Taurus is the highlight of this month! It will easily compensate the dissonances. Until the 10th, you will benefit from the support of Jupiter, then things will get tougher! In Aries, Jupiter is likely to cause a lot of turbulence, especially since at the end of the month it will be conjoined with Mars, thus electrifying the climate... Especially in the family... Your patience will vanish... In your love life, would you like to get back together with an ex relationship? Not sure that's a good idea!

  • Your love life

    Your priority will be the quality of your home rather than your relationship! It's true that being comfortable in your home helps maintain a harmonious atmosphere. You may be tempted to move or to have some work done to transform your décor in order to give yourself an air of renewal if you cannot change your life! The Venus/Pluto opposition may cause difficulties in the expression of feelings, especially since for some people the past still occupies too much space...

  • Your career

    Thanks to the Sun and Uranus in Taurus, and Mars in Pisces, you will overcome obstacles and show a real ability to get what you want. The positive influences of the first two weeks give you the strength to withstand the tensions generated by Jupiter in the second half of the month. Concentrate your efforts in the first fortnight and you will have everything to gain. The planetary influences are with you. Take the initiative, ask for meetings, present your ideas. It's the right time!

  • Your finances

    Saturn is keeping a close eye on your finances for your own good. Coached by the great sage, you will make sure to keep a nice financial margin of maneuver, especially if you are considering a change of lifestyle, housing or why not an activity. You will be happy that you have been able to save or at least that you have not overdone your spending and that you are able to realize a project. The dissonance of Venus and Jupiter in the second half of the year warns you against being spendthrift!

  • Your wellbeing

    Jupiter until the 10th in Pisces, strengthens your confidence, more open and available to meetings, contacts and relational life, you free yourself. Mars supports your vitality until the 24th. You lack neither motivation, nor strength, nor courage. Only Mercury retrograde will complicate your life somewhat, which will lead to some mental fatigue. Rest as soon as you feel that you are losing patience or that your concentration is waning. Get some fresh air and do not overindulge in stimulating drinks.

  • Your astro-dates

    Week of the 1st to the 8th: The 1st is going to be a pleasurable day!
    Week of the 9th to the 15th: On the 11th, keep your cool no matter what!
    Week of the 16th to the 22nd: On the 20th, you can't hide anything, you can read minds.
    Week of the 23rd to the 31st: On the 26th, an old family affair comes up...

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