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Taurus Yearly Horoscope


- 2024 -

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    A somewhat timid start to the year. Under the winter chill, ambitions freeze. You need new motivation and impetus. Your emotional system will be turned upside down. At heart, doubts are likely to multiply. You'll need to seek comfort from those close to you, and win their support.


    In February, you show boldness and determination, you decide to reveal your attachment to your nearest and dearest, you exchange with tenderness and delicacy. You're unfiltered. Professionally, a project could be delayed, but don't panic! The situation should quickly return to normal!


    Mars makes its grand entrance and signals the return of opportunities. In the love sector, good news follows good news. A commitment is about to materialise. On the business side, you'll get better results thanks to your efforts, so take the opportunity to finalise agreements. You're invited to relax. Opt for relaxation!


    Unexpected opportunities, ideas flow, a commitment is confirmed. You're showing common sense. The planets give you the opportunity to change your working environment and/or your place of residence. In your heart, romance is guaranteed. Venus salutes all your initiatives. You're ready to take on major new challenges.

  • MAY

    In May, you bet on security. You learn from your experiences and trials. You feel the need to analyse and observe before acting and/or making any decisions. In your heart, you are regaining your partner's trust. Your professional activities are booming. Materially, a windfall is in the offing.

  • JUNE

    The beginning of the summer period allows you to lift the veil on doubts. Some personal situations are cleared up. In your love life, you find answers to your questions. At work, Mars boosts your willpower, and you're eager for change, finding new partnerships and/or new support.

  • JULY

    The beginning of summer is a time for celebration and love. You're moving forward with optimism and determination towards clearer, more encouraging horizons. Time for a break! If you're planning a vacation, opt for total relaxation, with your feet fanning. You don't have to feel guilty - you've earned it!


    Spontaneity galore. It's a time for romance and excitement. This month, when it comes to love, you're no-holds-barred! Materially, you'll find ways to limit big expenses and household burdens. The planetary configuration generates optimism and positivism. On the business side, you're tenacious with your colleagues.


    Things are looking up! You're keeping a cool head, and past efforts are bearing fruit. You're listening to your intuitions, and new challenges are on the horizon. The autumn brings new satisfactions, particularly in the personal and love spheres. In September, you have a taste for simple pleasures. On the professional side, a new trend is taking shape.


    You burn up the stages. Mars sets your mind ablaze and inflames your feelings. On a personal and professional level, you find it hard to keep your cool. Reproaches are flying, and it promises to be lively. The risk of a false start is high. From the second half of the month, a lack of enthusiasm is to be noted. Caution and vigilance are called for.


    You're the talk of the town, and you're not afraid to make your ambitions clear. A solid project is born. On a personal level, you take a decisive step forward. You fight to keep your advantages. Your professional activities and family life go hand in hand. In November, love takes a back seat.


    Saturn announces a major challenge. You dare to showcase your talents. Mars pushes you into the limelight, but beware of broken promises. You'll do everything in your power to succeed. Take advantage of this period to reassess your objectives. On a personal level, your situation is beginning to unravel. Positive things attract positive things!

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