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Leo Weekly Horoscope


- Week 40, 2023 -

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  • Your week

    I can already hear you, fierce Leo, growling at the thought of this transition week. No need to panic! You're at the heart of a cosmic ballet. Mercury in Virgo is sending you intellectual vibes, while Venus, in your sign, strokes your ego. It's dancing, it's moving all around you, and of course, you're shining. But be careful, the lunar square with Venus could cause a few scratches on your lush coat. Come on, take a deep breath, refine your roar, and move confidently towards the light, inspired by the dynamism of Mars in Libra. It's a busy week, but always regal, that's a promise.

  • Your love life

    Come on, single Leo, unleash your claws! With Venus dancing in your sign this week, expect passionate emotions. Charming as you are, you'll have plenty of choices. For Leo couples, the influence of Mars in Libra could really heat things up. Pleasure is the focus, so don't hesitate to indulge in sensory delights. But be careful, the Moon square Venus could create some minor tensions. A piece of advice: treat your partner like a king or queen. After all, in the animal kingdom, the lion is king, isn't it?

  • Your compatibilities this week

    You love

    Oh! Royal Leo, this week it is the Sagittarius who comes to your royal court! Thanks to the calming influence of Saturn in Pisces, its arrow of freedom answers to your solar dynamism. Adventure awaits you!

    You avoid

    Go on, the stubborn Taurus is not welcome in the savanna this week, dear Leo. Its tendency to resist change contrasts too much with your leaping inner beast. Think about roaring!

  • Your weekend

    A roaring weekend awaits you, dear Leo! With the Moon in Leo, your natural confidence and charm will be at their peak. But don't forget, Venus in Virgo could bring some emotions: don't be surprised if you feel overwhelmed, whether it's with a burst of generosity or a desire to chase after gazelles. This is the perfect opportunity to show yourself in the best light, whether it's among friends, family, or your significant other. Let your zest for life roar, let your laughter ring out, and have a wonderful weekend fit for a king of the savannah!

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