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Virgo Weekly Horoscope


- Week 15, 2024 -

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  • Your week

    Exercise caution in your communications. Hastily spoken words can lead to misunderstandings, especially at work. Take the time to ponder before you speak or hit send on that email. A diplomatic approach will foster a more harmonious and productive atmosphere.

  • Your love life

    For the unattached, safety in online dating is paramount. Stay on guard, protect your personal information, and arrange to meet in public places. For those of you paired up, explore new ways of communicating. Opening up to dialogue will strengthen your bond and bring a welcome freshness to your relationship.

  • Your compatibilities this week

    You love

    Your intuition and practical sense harmonize flawlessly with Capricorn, fostering a solid understanding grounded in shared values.

    You avoid

    The impulsiveness of Aries clashes with your need for analysis, generating tensions and potential misunderstandings.

  • Your weekend

    The astral energy of this weekend fosters a feeling of beneficial isolation for deep introspection. Come Saturday, you'll find inspiration rubbing shoulders with others, feeding your lively spirit. Sunday is more a day of solitude, where despite a hint of melancholy, you can initiate a phase of personal growth. Differences of opinion? Try to welcome these exchanges with openness and flexibility, transforming these disagreements into constructive resolutions.

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