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Pisces Weekly Horoscope


- Week 40, 2023 -

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  • Your week

    Swimming against the current next week, dear Pisces, it will take a little more effort with the Sun in Libra shining a light on your social life. There will be opposition with ambitious Venus in Leo, so don't let yourself be overwhelmed. We note the sextiles of the Moon in Cancer that will guide you towards more peaceful moments. So, even if the universe seems against you, keep your swimming smooth through the cosmic waves. Get ready to surf on the bursts of Mercury retrograde in Virgo. It's like feeling headwinds while fishing, isn't it?

  • Your love life

    The love for Pisces next week will be like swimming in an ocean of hot chocolate, thanks to Saturn in Pisces creating a gently romantic atmosphere. For singles, the presence of the Moon in Cancer announces a strangely attractive encounter, think of a hermit crab wearing a diamond! For those in a relationship, Mars in Libra can cause some waves, so tell jokes instead to keep the mood light. At the end of the day, your natural charm will make you shine, so stay true to yourself and keep swimming!

  • Your compatibilities this week

    You love

    Dear Pisces, this week, you will harmonize perfectly with a Taurus. Between the extravagance of Jupiter in Taurus and the gentle nature of the Moon in Taurus, it's a true cosmic symphony between you two! Stay alert to any appearance of Taurus!

    You avoid

    Dear Pisces, steer clear of Virgos this week. With Mercury going overboard in Virgo, communication is set to be as stimulating as an underwater ballet with sharks. It's a cosmic challenge to navigate around!

  • Your weekend

    Your weekend, Pisces, looks like a mystical deep dive, with Neptune in your sign inviting contemplation. It's a good time to get lost in your deepest thoughts. With the Moon moving into Leo, it's the perfect stage for your intuition to take the lead. But be careful, don't forget to come up for air from time to time! On a practical note, avoid making important decisions with Mercury retrograde. It's like trying to swim against the current, not very productive, right? Have a great weekend!

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