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Libra Monthly Horoscope


- May 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Mercury in retrograde, Mars in conjunction with Neptune and Jupiter opposite you, you will have to maneuver this month, wisely! If you are having difficulties making a decision, it could be more complicated because of the Mars/Neptune duo which is contradictory and unstable, and this could lead you to make the wrong choice due to lack of clear information or lack of concentration. In spite of everything, Jupiter remains positive and interesting proposals are on the horizon. In your love life, Venus and Saturn strengthen ties.

  • Your love life

    Venus, in the house of the partner, joined by Jupiter, reserves you a rather satisfactory atmosphere. There will be a certain harmony between you. The arrival of Jupiter in this sector on the 11th will ask you to get more involved in the relationship, or even legalize it for some of you, depending on your natal chart. From the 21st, the Saturn/Venus alliance strengthens ties, consolidates the relationship and encourages the construction of a home, of a long-term union! On your own, you will seduce anyone and everyone!

  • Your career

    Making a decision is never an easy thing for you, and it will be even less so this month, so you might as well know it! Mars and Neptune will disturb the data, you will lack the distance and concentration to define precisely what to do. However, Jupiter has some good surprises in store for you by bringing a proposal or opportunities that will lead you to a situation that corresponds more to your aspirations!

  • Your finances

    Under the influence of Uranus/Sun in this sector, changes are to be expected. New management, new expenses, or new income? Everything is possible. However, Mercury retrograde will reach the sector from the 24th complicating your steps. If you are waiting for an income, a refund or a response to a financial request, you will have to be patient. At the very end of the month, Venus will ask you to review your plans to rebalance the budget.

  • Your wellbeing

    You may feel a little tired in the middle of the month under the influence of Mars and Neptune, which seem to weigh down your dynamism and slow down your rhythm. However, Saturn will support you and strengthen your resistance to effort. On the whole, you will be able to hold on even if you have to look deep inside yourself for the strength to face the tasks ahead. Your morale is good, love is present! You possess promising optimism that prevents you from giving up. Friends are there to take your mind off things!

  • Your astro-dates

    Week of the 1st to the 8th: On the 4th, you are in perfect control of your mood and your sensitivity.
    Week of the 9th to the 15th: On the 14th, the desire to change your look allows you to do whatever you want!
    Week of the 16th to the 22nd: On the 21st, love enters your life!
    Week 23-31: On the 30th, you plan to take a course!

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