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Cancer Monthly Horoscope


- February 2023 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    February, month of love! You won't say otherwise, even if some tensions are possible during the initial days. The rest is going to be terribly exciting! Venus/Uranus and Venus/Neptune will make your relationship a real magical adventure! On the professional side, thanks to Mercury/Pluto you will have the possibility to negotiate and win a business deal whose results are announced by Mercury/Jupiter after the 12th. Your finances are well off until the 20th, then you will have to be more rigorous.

  • Your love life

    Venus keeps its promises! Well situated for you, in good terms with Uranus and Neptune, she concocts a program that you will not soon forget, despite the few jolts at the beginning of the month. As a couple, you will experience magical moments where affection will be expressed generously. You'll be vibrating with the same desire to bring something new, to break the routine. Singletons, Uranus will take care of provoking the encounter that will make you smile again and make you believe in eternal love!

  • Your career

    Partnership, association or new contract, everything is possible. Pluto and Mercury will give you the levers to land the deal, negotiate your participation to your advantage or evaluate the value of a job in the most interesting way for you. Mars in the shadows asks you not to rush into things, especially since at times you may encounter a few oppositions that you will have to take into account in order to maneuver better.

  • Your finances

    Until the 20th, your finances are under the protection of Venus, which attenuates the dissonance of Jupiter. The financial transactions you make should bring you what you expect, or even more. Moreover, Mercury and Pluto will give you the arguments to negotiate a good deal and you will get the benefits in the second half of the month. From the 21st onwards, you are asked to regain some discipline in managing your accounts, so as not to spoil this beautiful potential.

  • Your wellbeing

    Mars in the shadow most often causes a drop in vitality, a decrease in energy. Nothing serious, don't worry, only a tiredness that arrives more quickly than usual. The morale is there, that's the main thing! Try to adopt a new rhythm of life so that it corresponds more to your constitution. Don't delay going to bed, when you feel sleep calling, don't resist. Your body will thank you when you wake up!

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 3rd, you lack concentration. Delay making decisions.
    On the 7th, a visit from one of your siblings surprises you as much as it delights you.
    On the 13th, choose to see the good side of things, the day looks good!
    On the 21st, your intuition is a real asset, but avoid seeing signs everywhere!

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