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Cancer Monthly Horoscope


- September 2021 -

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zodiac sign Cancer
  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    You benefit from Mars's impulses until the 15th. Use this wonderful energy to initiate and overcome the opposition from Mercury, who shall trigger communication and organizational issues. In your love life, the initial days will be focused on family then 11th onward, Venus joins Scorpio in the sector of pleasures and encounters. You would have understood, ardor and sensuality highlight your relations! Financially speaking, Saturn triggers frustration!

  • Your love life

    The first 10 days will be devoted to family, planning out holidays. You'll try to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. Venus enters Scorpio on the 11th and boosts your desire to appeal, seduce and intensify your sensuality. Passion comes into your couple, your intense interaction awakens your senses...Around the 15th, a little chill in your love life shall quickly resume its zeal. Singletons, keep your eyes open!

  • Your career

    The first half of the month shall give you Mars's precious support, a planet of action and courage and Sun, who shall provide energy until the 22nd. Enough to make you resist opposition from Mercury who shall trigger delays, disorganization and communication issues. Focus all your efforts on essential tasks during this period. Then Mars moves into Libra and could trigger family disturbances and this doesn't help you focus on your work.

  • Your finances

    Saturn is in retrograde in the sector and encourages you to be more careful and handle your finances better. Reviewing your priorities, giving up on non essential purchases, this will be part of the discipline and you'll need to respect this so that you don't come across money issues. Reasonable management doesn't mean deprivation, you'll be able to pamper yourself, provided you check your bank balance before going to the check out counter!

  • Your wellbeing

    Bank on Mars and Sun to provide you with the required vitality in September. The first half will be busy and will need you to make efforts constantly but you'll be in good shape and won't feel tired. After which, you may be a little less efficient, physically and mentally. Take it slow, review your priorities, doing some physical exercises will make you feel relaxed and everything will be fine!

  • Your astro-dates

    Week from the 1st until the 12th: on the 3rd, you feel under pressure. Breathe!
    Week from the 13th until the 19th: on the 16th, your heart pounds wildly, come back to earth!
    Week from the 20th until the 26th: on the 25th, review your accounts at once...
    Week from the 27th until the 30th: on the 30th, love saves you from all your troubles!

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