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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


- Week 48, 2023 -

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  • LOVE



  • Your week

    Dear Scorpio, get ready for an energetic week marked by the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius. These planetary aspects will provoke a desire for adventure and unparalleled daring. However, be careful of the Moon in Gemini, which could make you more emotional than usual. So, set sail and may the force of the stars be with you!

  • Your love life

    A week filled with love awaits you, dear Scorpio native! With Venus in Libra, expect a series of exciting encounters if you are single. And for those in a relationship, why not turn an ordinary evening into a romantic tête-à-tête? However, be cautious of Mars in Sagittarius, as it can bring some tension. So, breathe, smile, and enjoy every moment under the stars of love.

  • Your compatibilities this week

    You love

    Scorpio, this week you're resonating perfectly with Libra. Thanks to Venus, which softens your explosive nature and promotes harmonious exchanges. Make the most of it!

    You avoid

    Scorpio, beware of Sagittarius this week. With Mars in their sign, reckless behavior and clumsy words could cast a chill. Patience, then!

  • Your weekend

    This weekend, Scorpio, get ready for a burst of energy with the Moon in Virgo. A wave of mental clarity could help you solve old problems or take on new challenges. But don't forget to take a little break! A good book or a walk in the woods might be just what you need for a well-deserved pause. Enjoy your weekend, Scorpio!

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