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Scorpio Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    You will not be able to stand out from your colleagues, but you will be smart enough to learn from the current situation and patiently work on your ideas in the background. Your impressive inner resources will make everything easier for you. Venus will not take great care of your love life, and you will not actively try to make peace with your partner or latest crush.


    Until the 20th, Venus will be kind to your sentimental life. Single, you may be surprised by a love affair. Mars will give you a nice boost on the professional front, where an agreement could be signed around the 23rd. Saturn is blocking large-scale achievements, so don't be too greedy. With your family, you will pour water into your wine, as the French would say...


    Venus will exalt your feelings until the 16th, while Saturn will push you to give them more time and attention from the 8th. Their week of cooperation could make you very happy indeed. Even if you have to get things done by force, you will be inspired and you will know how to find ideas allowing you to bounce back. You will push your body beyond its limits!


    Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces are great news for both your career and love life! Your professional situation will evolve positively. You will stand out from the crowd and an exciting financial opportunity could come your way from the 12th. You will also enjoy looking for ways to spice up your relationship, or getting to know someone interesting better if you're single.

  • MAY

    Mars will allow you to move your projects forward and brighten up your relationships. Even if you can't do everything you want, you will slowly but surely raise your profile. From the 8th onwards, a caring Venus in Cancer will help you handle the arguments, misunderstandings and lack of success in love triggered by Mercury.

  • JUNE

    Your ambition will know no bounds and you will put your heart and soul into reaching your goals. You will dare to apply for a job you're underqualified for, convinced that your second-to-none knowledge in this specific field could put you ahead of every other candidate. In love, you will oscillate between aggression and disinterest.

  • JULY

    The Mars/Saturn opposition will slow you down and, despite your determination to overcome obstacles, you will not be able to do much about situations out of your control. Your love life will encounter some significant difficulties this July. Luckily, your friends will always be there to give you a hand whenever you need it.


    You will actively look for ways to brighten up your future. In a creative mood, you will feel like getting as many original projects underway as possible this August. From the 4th to the 23rd, Mercury will allow you to sign an exciting contract. Your transactions during this period will prove fruitful. On the love front, passion will not really be on the menu.


    Mars in Libra will encourage you to stop worrying yourself sick over situations out of your control. Jupiter going backward will cause you to lose most of your usual bearings. You will only be able to face reality by questioning what you have learned or been told in the past. Unexpected issues affecting your sentimental life will make you incredibly sad... You will be desperate to feel loved!


    You will move forward at your own pace, without rushing but without dawdling either until the New Moon taking place on the 14th. You will suddenly feel the urge to move a project, an idea, your sentimental life in a direction that is better suited to your needs. You will not stop working hard until you are happy with what you've got. Love may not be your priority as a result.


    Feeling comfortable both financially and emotionally speaking will be your priority. You will immediately declare your love for your significant other or latest crush, and look for ways to move your career forward. You might be tempted to change jobs. Make sure you know what you're getting into beforehand and remember to cover your back.


    Money matters will need to be clarified. The consequences of some of your past actions will force you to rethink your budget. Arguments over money will be likely to break out under your roof. Explain your intentions, they will be better received if they are understood. In love, you will find little tricks to defuse tensions and avoid misunderstandings.

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