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Libra Yearly Horoscope


- 2024 -

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    The planets escort your projects. Luck stands in your way. On the personal side, you adopt a positive attitude and your hopes become reality. On the business side, your organisation is holding up well, and the results are satisfactory. As for friendships and family life, Venus announces a reunion with someone living abroad.


    You approach February with passion and determination. Both professionally and financially, the combinations are winning. At last, you're back to hope. As for your heart, Venus in Aquarius is revitalising your love life. This month, your circle of friends expands and contacts multiply.


    In a spirit of reconquest. A situation is resolved, and you free yourself from anger. The end of Mars and Venus in Aquarius creates openings. You feel a real desire for change. This month, you're determined to improve the comfort of your life. The planets are announcing clarifications, and dialogue is encouraged.


    Feverish actions. Unexpected events will upset your plans, and constraints will slow down your projects. Under the influence of Mercury in Aries, you'll be walking on eggshells, and you'll have to be more diplomatic than ever. Avoid sticking to your guns, and listen to the advice of those around you.

  • MAY

    More sensitive and receptive to outside influences, you're not to be taken lightly. The pressure's on. If you're applying for a high-profile position, you'll have to be optimistic and prove yourself. In your heart, around the 20th, Venus in Gemini clears up a situation, and you're back in high spirits!

  • JUNE

    You're bringing to fruition a project that's close to your heart, your ideas are original, Jupiter in Gemini confirms a profound change. Professionally, you are expanding your network. Your talents are recognised. This month, you're evolving in a warm and friendly atmosphere, and the family climate offers you great satisfaction.

  • JULY

    The beginning of summer will be closely watched. Professionally, if you're feeling like you're going round in circles, this is the ideal time to take a step back, gather your thoughts and make the right decisions. On the personal and sentimental side, a situation could make you feel uncomfortable, so you'll seek comfort from those close to you.


    Mars in Gemini offers you the opportunity to finalise a business project with one of your friends. As for your heart, Venus in Leo will lead you into a world of passion, and you'll be living your love life with intensity. Feelings are stronger than ever, and your libido is at its peak. You take advantage of your vacation to disconnect from the obligations of everyday life.


    You'll take advantage of the autumn to bring a project out of the drawer. Your news is rich and motivating. Venus in Libra heralds a beautiful sentimental evolution. On the business side, you're making new allies and getting down to work on a new project. Your network will help you seize an opportunity!


    You're determined to make your mark in the sun. Jupiter gives you a lot of guts, and you're tapping into a new vein. As far as romance is concerned, you're ready to take the plunge. At the end of October, beware of making impulsive decisions, as Mars in Cancer could well destabilise you. Financially, don't hesitate, you've got a card to play.


    You'll be in improvisation mode. You're ready to shake up codes and habits. With Jupiter in Gemini, you dare to seize your chance. In your heart, Venus in Sagittarius has a beautiful transition in store for you. A big change is on the horizon, with a move or a wedding in the offing. Professionally, you're learning to dance in the rain.


    The month of decisions. Certain circumstances require you to be more consistent in many areas. On the professional front, Jupiter will give you renewed interest in a group project. A meeting will be constructive. At heart, feelings are taking flight. You'll be able to relax about a personal situation.

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