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Libra Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    Mercury and Mars may slow down some of your initiatives until January 18, but your ability not to rely too much on other people should allow you to be fine in the end. From the 4th, Venus will warm up your love life. Whether you are single or in a relationship, happiness will be on the menu. A family dispute will upset you, but you will refuse to blink first.


    You will be full of great ideas and your social life is going to be hectic as a result. Mercury in Aquarius from the 11th will help you make the most of life by approaching situations from different angles. Detachment and discernment will be the keys to your success. Open exchanges and concrete actions will consolidate your emotional and professional ties.


    You will see things more clearly, and you will have to make a decision in order to move forward. The burden will be heavier to carry with Saturn in your house VI. You will have to juggle between obligations to fulfill, contracts to negotiate, bills to pay. From the 25th, things will start looking up. You will be happy, but you will want even more...


    You will be able to express yourself more clearly and claim a position or reward that you feel should be yours. Between the 4th and the 21st, you will reach a financial agreement. Then, you will need a period of reflection before making an important decision. On the sentimental front, the person you love or a beautiful stranger will be able to make your heart smile again.

  • MAY

    Until the 15th, a few unexpected setbacks will force you to fight for promises to be kept and commitments to be fulfilled. If the process is exhausting, your fighting spirit will be a real source of satisfaction and pride. From the 7th, Venus will unsettle you. Your emotions will spiral out of control! Love may be just around the corner...

  • JUNE

    As of the 5th, Venus in Leo will spice up your sentimental routine. You and your partner will look at each other as you used to back when you first met! Single, your undeniable charm will allow you to win your current crush over. The New Moon on the 18th will give you the energy to make new social and professional contacts. Jupiter in Taurus will be looking after your finances.

  • JULY

    Until the 23rd, Venus will stimulate your sensuality. If you are single, you may find that special someone among your friends' friends. Around the 12th, Mars could unblock a financial situation or settle a dispute. Interesting conversations will open new possibilities in the form of a life-changing meeting, a fruitful transaction or a precious encounter.


    Venus will awaken your sensuality. As a single person, your soulmate might be hidden among your friends' acquaintances. Around the 10th, Mercury could resolve a tricky financial situation or settle a dispute. Your conversations will give rise to new perspectives, whether through a pivotal interview, a beneficial transaction, or a valuable encounter.


    Mars will give you the guts to put yourself forward. You will act according to your own conscience without being influenced by other people. As of the 5th, Jupiter going backward will force you to put a financial project on hold, as certain pieces will be missing from your file. Venus will encourage you to talk to and have fun with a beautiful stranger if your heart is in need of love.


    Until the 10th, a family conflict will threaten your serenity. Make the most of the New Moon in your sign on the 14th to clear things up and break the ice, if necessary. From the 5th to the 22nd, Mercury will pay your sign a little visit. You will be able to rely on your resourcefulness to bounce back up, move your projects forward and get your private life back on the right track.


    Venus will get you out of financial trouble and will give you the serenity needed to take care of your sentimental life. Change will be in the air with Mercury bringing you closer to people willing to drag you outside of your comfort zone. Mars, until the 24th, will help you find the right arguments and use your power of persuasion to sell your ideas to those around you.


    You'll be firing on all cylinders and striking while the iron is hot with Mars in Sagittarius, but you'll remain courteous and straightforward in the process, aware of the importance of getting along with your colleagues and loved ones. Mercury will help you seal a wonderful deal or negotiate an exciting contract. Venus will take care of your love life with great enthusiasm.

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