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What about the sky during Summer 2018?

July 30, 2018

Mars joined the other Retrograde Planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto on June 26. Mercury will be part of this retro dance, July 26 onward. Having so many dancers in backward motion, will slow down the general

13th zodiac

July 30, 2018

From Wikipedia, Ophiuchus has been used in sidereal astrology as a thirteenth sign in addition to the twelve signs of the tropical zodiac. It is situated from November 30 to December 18. The 13-sign zodiac has been suggested by Walter Berg and by Mark Yazaki in 1995, a popular suggestion

What are the Crystal Pyramids?

July 26, 2018

Crystals: Crystals always had healing properties and were used in different areas, such as agriculture, bringing light in homes and protecting people. Quartz crystal can produce a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surrounding atmosphere of positive ions.

What is the real meaning of 1212?

July 26, 2018

Angel Number 1212 encourages you to release your fears, your apprehensions and get on with pursuing your passions. 1212 is a combination of 1 and 2. As they are repeating themselves, the energies of each of them are magnified. Number 1

What does 1111 signify?

July 26, 2018

Angels are spirit messengers from the Universe. They use Numbers to communicate with us. Use your intuition, it’s worth being open, they can send you promptings and specific messages to guide you. But don’t forget, the Universe will fulfill your

What is the real meaning of 444?

July 26, 2018

It is not easy to decode Master Numbers but 444 seems to be a good omen. It shows that the tide is finally turning in your favor. In 444, we have the number 4 repeated three times. As 4 is the number

True love tarot

July 26, 2018

In 2006, Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, her husband, created the “True Love” Tarot. This new Tarot deck focuses on Love, relationships and partnerships. But also, the way to handle them! Who are Amy Zerner and Monte Farber? Both involved

What is Social well being?

July 26, 2018

Social Well-Being is the positive state of our relationships, our social stability and social peace. Social Well-Being is an achievement, facilitated by educational attainment and age. It is proven that people with good social connections tend to be healthier and live longer than

What exactly is well-being?

July 5, 2018

There is no consensus around a single definition of Well-Being but there is a general agreement, it includes being satisfied with life, fulfillment and positive functioning. Well-Being is a complex concept which has been assimilated to Happiness but in fact,

What is the difference between Happiness and Well-being?

July 5, 2018

The dictionary defines Happiness as the state of being happy. It is like getting complete fulfillment. Well-being is defined as a satisfactory condition of existence. It is characterized by good health, happiness, and prosperity. It is a feeling of general

Eudemonic Happiness: An Alternative to Hedonic Happiness

June 25, 2018

Research on well-being has been derived from two main perspectives: The Eudemonic approach, which focuses on meaning and self-realization and defines Well-Being. Eudemonia is translated as Happiness but Derrick Jansen believes a more accurate definition would be more appropriate: how well your

Personal Development

June 25, 2018

We are guaranteed to face challenging circumstances, changing environments and new roles that require adaptation and flexibility. Especially, nowadays! Personal Development practices can help us handle the pressures that come with those changes. Personal Development is an ongoing process of

What can we do today to restore ourselves?

June 25, 2018

There are various ways and tools to recharge our batteries after a hard day at work or any other stressful experience. Let’s focus on Positive Thinking and start with some practices that are going to help you. How to put

What’s your idea of a romantic vacation?

June 25, 2018

A Romantic vacation isn’t the same for everyone, we all have our own vision of paradise. However there is a common ground, according to your Sun, Moon and Venus position. Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will have their saying as well.

Positive Thinking – What can I do to be happier?

June 25, 2018

Positive Thinking There are various paths to achieve personal well-being and happiness today. Positive Thinking is one of them. It appears to be a successful way to grow and to take full charge of your life. What does it mean?

Yes/No Oracle

June 11, 2018

Where does it come from? The Yes/No Oracle is a simple way to get an answer to the most pressing questions.  It generally sums up to One single card (or whatever support you choose) giving you a Yes or No answer. Oracles,

Psychic Predictions for 2018

June 11, 2018

There are various tools for making predictions about the future such as astrology, numerology, tarots, oracles and many more. However, there are people called psychics who can predict events, way in advance and without any kind of support. They can

What is a Solar Eclipse Spiritual Meaning?

June 11, 2018

What happens during a Solar Eclipse? A Solar Eclipse always occurs at the same time as a New Moon. The effects of a Solar Eclipse can be felt weeks before it happens and months after. During a Solar Eclipse, there

Why do we have nightmares? How can we cope with them?

June 11, 2018

Modern point of view: Psychologists usually define a nightmare as a terrifying dream. Nightmares are a natural part of sleep, they usually happen in the early morning hours. They tend to occur during Rapid Eye Movement sleep. Dreams are a

How to use the different phases of the Moon for Love?

June 11, 2018

A few insights about the Moon phases: The emotions are ruled by the Moon, so it makes sense to plan depending on the Phases of the Moon. New Moon (Beginning) This is a great time to plant the seeds of

Is Mercury involved in Love stories?

June 5, 2018

Mercury is about how we express our feelings, our needs, our fantasies and our desires.  Heart isn’t enough when it comes to love, head plays an important part, as well. The Sign Mercury occupies in the birth chart, tells what

Australian Dream time Astrology

May 22, 2018

Going back in time… Unlike western Astrology, the Australian Astrology is associated to the elements such as Fire for deserts, Air for mountains, Earth for rain-forests and Water for the ocean. The 12 Zodiacal signs consist in Aboriginal Dream time

Egyptian Astrology

May 22, 2018

A bit of History Astrology has been influenced by the Greeks and the Egyptians but previously, the Babylonians were supposed to be the creators of it. Egyptian Astrology is associated with the Egyptian gods and goddesses. Let’s find your god/goddess

Native American Astrology

May 22, 2018

How does it defer from our Western Astrology? Native American Astrology is linked to the seasons and the 12 Totem animals which are associated to the 12 Moons of the year. Find your Totem Animal and its meaning The Hawk

Saturn in Capricorn, does it help?

May 11, 2018

What can we expect ? Saturn in Sagittarius brought optimism and expansion while Saturn in Capricorn is all about restriction and hard reality checks. With Saturn in Capricorn, we have the archetype of the Elder as Saturn rules maturation and

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