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How to overcome a layoff?

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The news has come like a bolt from the blue. You are in shock. It will take you some time to digest the news. Everything seems to be falling apart around you. Maybe it’s time to change course and give yourself other opportunities. So enjoy this time of freedom!

Digesting the news

You have been summoned and the sanction is without appeal: you are fired, thrown out, expelled, ejected, in short your presence is no longer desired. You don’t understand: why me?

You feel at fault and your future ex-company has done everything to make you feel guilty. The same pattern keeps playing over and over in your head with one question: what’s next for me?

Your colleagues no longer look at you and tend to run away from your presence. They don’t even try to cheer you up, because deep down they are relieved that it is you and not them.

You need to put things in perspective and give yourself time to accept the news.

Giving time to time

That’s it: you have finally completed your registration with Pôle Emploi. You already have a few things to do to get back to work. You must understand that being unemployed takes a lot of time.

You have a list of things to do, appointments for workshops. Yes, we teach you how to make a top-notch resume, because the criteria have changed. The codes are no longer the same.

So at first, you are somewhat confused. Your Pôle Emploi advisor is rather reassuring with you. Then you get used to your new situation as a job seeker. The updates you have to do every month to avoid losing your benefits, etc.

Take advantage of this period of « freedom

You have more time for yourself. Why not do things that you didn’t have time to do before? Your schedule is still less busy than when you were working. You know in your heart that this period will not last your whole life.

But it is true that this dismissal hurt you a lot and you have lost confidence in yourself. Worse, you feel guilty and you question yourself. You no longer have the strength to react.

It may be time to take advantage of this period to be accompanied by a psychologist, to resume sports or an activity that you have neglected for lack of time.

Considering a radical change

What if you were to make a radical change in your profession? You could take the opportunity to do a skills assessment, and then discover that you are finally gifted in another field.

Why not take a training course? It’s now or never: you will be paid for your training. Indeed, Pôle Emploi continues the payment of allowances during training periods recognized by the State.

You may be required to do temporary assignments, which will allow you to break the monotony. In short, never let yourself be destabilized and continue to believe in yourself. Then one day, you will sign a new permanent contract and you will surely say to yourself that you could have taken more advantage of this professional interlude.

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