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Lunar energies of this month of July 2022

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The astral and spiritual energies of this month will be primarily focused on building and developing your Self, cultivating respect and acceptance of others, especially between the 19th and 24th. Do a daily meditation facing the rising sun and visualizing yourself as the Sun that lights and warms the universe. On the 28th, light a golden yellow candle, burn some laurel leaves, and ask the Moon to increase your radiance. Your emotionality, at its peak this month, especially around the 18th, will have to be controlled, especially through yoga breathing exercises and focusing on the color black.

Week of July 1 to 10, 2022

On July 2, Mars will be in square to Pluto causing impatience and irritation within us, especially at work. On the same day, Mercury will receive a square from Neptune biasing our representations of others and our understanding of their words. To compensate for all this, let’s rely on Saturn, with which Mercury will be in trine, by devoting time to solitude and meditation, why not at the foot of a fir tree or a yew tree. On the 5th, let’s greet Mars’ entry into Taurus by stimulating constructive energies that can bring us prosperity by wearing red and green as much as possible in combination. The image of a galloping Taurus can also be a powerful visual aid. On July 9 Mercury, freshly entered in Cancer, will be squared to Jupiter. Your feelings will be greatly amplified and difficult to control. They may also come in the form of flashes, of intuitions. To control the process without cancelling it out, take an Onyx or a black Tourmaline.

Week of July 11 to 17, 2022

On July 13, Venus will be in trine to Saturn and will allow you to put beauty and charm into your words, even the most serious ones. Take advantage of this day if you have an important dispute to settle with someone or to talk about a long-term commitment with your lover. On this same day, the Moon will be Full in Capricorn, in good aspects with Uranus and Neptune. This will be the perfect time for people who want to make a radical change in their lives and free themselves from the grip of materialism and money. Choose this day to give away all the objects that clutter your mind and your home. Beware of the Venus-Neptune square on the 14th. Do not make any decisions regarding your love life on this day. On the 17th, the Mercury-Neptune trine will favor deep meditation and the appearance of images, flashes. This is an excellent day for divination or fortune-telling.

Week of July 18 to 24, 2022

On July 18, Venus enters Cancer, opening an important period for family and romantic love. Wearing a moonstone will increase your charm and magnetism. You can also take Moon baths, i.e., in water magnetized by lunar light. That same day, Mercury will oppose Pluto in Capricorn. Your emotionality will be heightened. By dressing or focusing on the color black, by practicing controlled breathing (long inhale, hold, short exhale, and hold) you will manage to control the process perfectly. On the 19th, Mercury enters Leo, this will be the moment to develop your eloquence and charisma by visualizing each morning as a Sun illuminating the Earth, bringing it light, warmth and well-being. You can do this even more effectively as the Sun rises, watching it carefully. This exercise will be further reinforced when the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd and by the Mercury-Jupiter trine on the 23rd.

Week of July 25 to 31, 2022

On the 25th, Venus will be in square with Jupiter. Be careful not to get carried away by too much enthusiasm, especially in matters of love. Take time for reflection. To help you stay grounded and thoughtful, a tiger’s eye in your pocket will help you greatly. The 28th will be an important astral date that will see the concomitance of several astral manifestations. First, the New Moon in Leo, in trine to Jupiter, will strengthen your self-confidence, especially if you make wishes in this sense, in front of a golden yellow candle and by smoking some Laurel leaves. On this same day, Jupiter will be in retrograde until November. Take advantage of this to meditate on your life and on the values, you wish to give it. Finally, the Mercury-Uranus square, causing upheaval in your professional and private life, will help you to open yourself to the new, to the unknown. Meditating on the XIV arcana, that of Temperance, will be of great help.

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