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Aries Monthly Horoscope


- September 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    The beginning of the school year is often a source of agitation, irritation and even tension. You will certainly have to face this atmosphere, especially since Mercury will be in retrograde 10th onward, opposing Jupiter in your sign. This aspect will generate difficulties in communication and reflection, disrupt priorities, confuse your mind and provoke misunderstandings. In short, it won't be easy managing your duties in September. As for love, after the 5th, it will take a back seat...

  • Your love life

    During the first few days, you will still benefit from Venus in Leo, the summer climate will last for a while. Then the beautiful Venus moves into Virgo and cools down in front of the responsibilities of September. You will be more focused on your obligations and constraints. Your relationship becomes more complicated... You have difficulty expressing your feelings, you don't put aside much time for yourself or your couple... If you are singleton, a romance with a colleague is possible.

  • Your career

    The Mars/Jupiter sextile boosts your entrepreneurial spirit, makes you more daring and very self-confident (too much?). In trine with Mercury, Mars accentuates your talent of persuasion. However, as of the 10th, Mercury is going in reverse, so be careful with what you say, as a mistake or clumsiness could spoil your efforts and create tensions with your professional entourage. Be more clever than fierce!

  • Your finances

    Mars and Mercury in good terms facilitate your negotiations until the 10th. After that, you can always try a financial deal, but Mercury's retrograde calls for caution. No impulsive commitments! Uranus in this sector has a tendency to make you spend impulsively, to make rash purchases. Remember your past mistakes, they will help you avoid the next ones! Venus helps you count, organize and manage. Listen to her!

  • Your wellbeing

    The astral climate of the new year does not spare your nerves... You are often irritated, tense, with the impression that things and people are working against you. So relax! Put things into perspective, breathe and look at the positive side of what you are going through, there is always a positive side even if it doesn't seem obvious. Mars, Saturn and Jupiter support you and provide the motivation and mental strength to help you hold on.

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 3rd, you are overflowing with enthusiasm!
    On the 12th, you manage to keep calm despite the September atmosphere.
    On the 22nd, don't let yourself get influenced by commercials, think about your finances
    On the 29th, your intuition is at its best, use it!

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