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Gemini Monthly Horoscope


- September 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Mars has settled in your sign for several months! Its trine to Mercury, your planet, until the 9th, will help you score points in your job, negotiations and in all the steps and interviews you will take. Then on the 10th, Mercury will be in retrograde and things will slow down. This is a blessing in disguise, as it will give you time to fine-tune your projects, be they professional or private. In your love lfe, the past is still working on you. Hope makes you live...

  • Your love life

    The first week will offer you a few more delicious moments of flirting, games and seduction. Then, Venus will take you back to the past, making you want to believe in a possible resumption of a finished relationship. Its square to Mars announces complications in the couple, jealousy, tensions that can be resolved if you agree to communicate calmly. For some of you, according to your natal chart, Venus/Uranus will take precedence, announcing an unexpected attraction...

  • Your career

    Mars boosts you at the beginning of the month. Its agreement with Mercury allows you to progress, to act efficiently. Your sense of communication and your glibness are at their peak. The rest is more delicate. Mercury in reverse complicates things, whether it is a question of procedures, travel or signing contracts. Take advantage of this time to refine your projects. Jupiter asks you not to think too big, to respect the development stages of your plans.

  • Your finances

    Thanks to your gift of gab and resourcefulness, you manage to make good deals, especially at the beginning of the month. Then you may have to pay forgotten bills or reminders from various organizations if your dues are not up to date... Check all this before you have to suffer these inconveniences. On the other hand, Pluto could herald an inheritance, donation or other amounts, from a family business. It is up to you to manage this unexpected contribution in order to preserve yourself in the future.

  • Your wellbeing

    With Mars in your sign, you don't lack energy or motivation. Saturn and Jupiter add their share and reinforce your dynamism. The most difficult thing will be to master all this input without spreading yourself too thinly and not finishing any of them! Sun in Virgo may create some moments of anxiety and doubt. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by this feeling. Keep yourself busy in a playful way, don't think too much, give priority to games!

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 8th, you feel discouraged, with the feeling of not believing in anything anymore...
    On the 17th, you are scattered, refocus!
    On the 22nd, you are under great nervous tension! Calm down!
    The 26th, a new relationship is approaching!

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