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Aries Yearly Horoscope


- 2022 -

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    The planets forming a square in Capricorn stress you out! You're incredibly impatient, which causes you to be pretty reckless with money. The Mercury/Saturn duo urges you to take your time, but Uranus keeps teasing you. With the support of Mars, and you shouldn't lose sight of your objectives.


    Under the dissonances coming from the sign of Capricorn, your rebellious and independent nature continues to be enhanced. Tension is in the air on the sentimental front... On the plus side, Saturn should help you relax, calm yourself down and keep your emotions under control.


    On March 7, Venus and Mars move to Aquarius. The start of something better? Probably! Your love life should quickly brighten up. You could get close to an ex or meet someone incredibly special. As far as your finances are concerned, stop spending your cash like there's no tomorrow!


    You're worried about situations that are out of your control. Take the time to think very carefully before making any decisions. You must work even harder to consolidate your current position or overcome an obstacle standing in your way. In love, you're devoted to someone you may no longer have feelings for...

  • MAY

    You've been waiting for this moment for so long! Jupiter meets up with Venus in your sign, where it will also be joined by Mars, on the 25th. Before that, you feel like you're flogging a dead horse because of the Mars/Neptune duo in your shadow sector... Make up for lost time at the end of the month! Create, innovate and meet new people.

  • JUNE

    With the Jupiter/Mars duo in your sign, you're even more enterprising than usual. You know where you're going and you're able to take bold initiatives. You love showing what you're capable of! Meanwhile, Saturn trine the Sun helps you relax and know your own limits. You should instinctively find clever ways to move forward.

  • JULY

    A dynamic month! Jupiter continues to look after you. Venus, until the 18th, encourages you to take risks on the love front. Spice things up with your partner or latest crush! Looking after your family is also very important to you. Saturn and Mercury support your projects and ideas. Relax!


    Jupiter spoils you! Its trine with the Sun at the start of the month and Venus from the 15th to the 20th put you in a fantastic mood. Your priority is to enjoy spending time with those you love. Life seems easier, you're very nice to be around. You're extremely driven and inspired, whether you're working or not!


    Contradictory aspects... Under the influxes of Jupiter, sextile Mars, you're aware of your true worth and showing what you're capable of is your priority. But Jupiter opposite Mercury could trigger arguments, misunderstandings or even betrayals! You must learn how to express yourself calmly and accurately...


    The Venus/Sun duo warms up your love life. You rekindle the spark in your relationship! Single, the Full Moon on the 9th teaming up with Venus and Jupiter asks you the following question: are you ready to settle down? Mars wants you to work as part of a team. You don't love it, but unity is strength!


    A difficult opening fortnight... You will be jealous, impatient and nervous. From the 17th, bringing exciting projects to life with your partner will do your relationship a world of good. As far as your finances are concerned, don't even think about applying for a loan or asking for a time extension before the 15th...


    Jupiter will make a welcome return to your sign at the end of the month. Its square with Venus on the 9th forces you and your partner to talk about the issues affecting your relationship. The gang of planets in Capricorn asks you to slow down and work on your projects. Mars, faithful ally, supports you!

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