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Leo Yearly Horoscope


- 2022 -

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    Mars makes feel like taking initiatives, starting something new, launching projects. Uranus advises you to explore new horizons. Saturn and Mercury try to slow you down, but don't let those two planets intimidate you! Venus asks you to stop dreaming and only rely on people you can 100% trust!


    Mars asks you to work even harder than usual this February. Your career is at crossroads, my Leo friend! You're tempted to follow Uranus off the beaten path, but Saturn continues to block your initiatives. However, you should be very convincing and good at selling your ideas. Could you make a real name for yourself in the workplace?


    The Mars/Venus/Saturn trio, opposite your sign and square Uranus, could cause you to fall out with your partner or a good friend. Think carefully before you make an irrevocable decision! That person could leave you with no other choice but to delete them out of your life forever... Mercury and Jupiter should look after your finances!


    Jupiter and Neptune give your finances a nice unexpected boost. Check your bank balance as often as you can from the 15th! With the Saturn/Sun trine, you're even more organized and responsible than usual. Venus in Pisces should find sensual and romantic ways to spice up your love life!

  • MAY

    With Venus in Aries, you're in the mood to hit on as many strangers as possible. You love talking to new people! Having fun is the only thing on your mind. The Mars/Neptune duo linked to your finances could either help you make money or cause you to be taken for a ride... Be careful!

  • JUNE

    Mars in Aries fills you with energy and supports your initiatives! This is the perfect time to start fulfilling your potential, especially with Jupiter bringing all kinds of exciting opportunities your way. Venus, more sensual than ever, could invite you to go see if the grass is greener elsewhere...

  • JULY

    Mars and Uranus could make you feel like starting a new life somewhere else! But you're too stressed to think straight, especially with Mercury preventing your brain from functioning properly. At least Jupiter looks after you! Feeling loved will prove incredibly reassuring. You should enjoy spicing up your relationship!


    Saturn retrograde is opposite your Sun, forcing you to make an upsetting decision or give up on something/someone you truly care about. Its square with Uranus makes it hard for you to know whether you'd rather live in the past or the future. Venus trine Jupiter helps you clear up misunderstandings on the love front. Useful!


    The Mars/Saturn trine fills you with energy and motivation. Bad news for Uranus... You're ready to stand up to whoever tries to pick up a fight with you this September! The Sun will help you clear up various misunderstandings. In love, you could become more possessive than usual... Try not to scare your partner away!


    The beautiful Mercury/Venus/Sun trio trine Mars fills you with positive thoughts. You're full of energy and spending time with your loved ones never fails to make you smile. Saturn could help you take your relationship to the next level or introduce you to someone you'd like to settle down with. Jupiter continues to support you!


    At the start of the month. The Venus/Mercury/Sun trio clashing with Saturn isn't helping you look on the bright side of life! Emotions from your past could come back to haunt you and cause you to fall out with some of your loved ones. You feel nostalgic until the 15th, the date Jupiter starts protecting you from the other planets!


    A superb trio in the house of your relationships helps you end the year in style! You and your partner literally complete each other, and your love life allows you to blossom. Your relationship is perfect, in spite of the odd argument here and there. Creative and intuitive, you should taste success in the workplace!

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