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Scorpio Yearly Horoscope


- 2022 -

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    Uranus and Saturn ask you to draw a line under the past... Listen to the planets in Capricorn. The Sun/Pluto duo helps you find the strength to cope with your problems. You're more resourceful than you think! Mars urges you to ask for what you're entitled to. Venus brings you closer to your loved ones!


    Venus/Mars and Jupiter/Neptune go out of their way to treat you to an unforgettable month on the sentimental front. You will enjoy being hit on, asking complete strangers out, and you could even finally meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right! Jupiter/Uranus are encouraging you to start a new life chapter...


    Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun try everything in their power to help you forget about your problems. Don't blow an argument with someone close to you out of proportion! This is the perfect time to express your feelings and emotions. You could also find out that you're incredibly good at something you'd never tried before!


    Under the influxes of the Mars/Saturn duo in Aquarius, you can't go straight to the point like you normally do... Being forced to take your time and beat around the bush stresses you out! On the plus side, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces highlight how kind, caring and understanding you are. You're so adorable!

  • MAY

    Mars forces you to multitask... Be very careful not to start spreading yourself too thin as a result! Getting close to one of your colleagues could seriously cheer you up, but don't expect to ever be in a seriously relationship with that person. The Sun and Jupiter could give your finances a nice unexpected boost!

  • JUNE

    Mas gives you the strength and energy needed to stand up for yourself and defend your interests. You're in the mood to make life more comfortable for yourself. At work, you love a bit of competition. Ruthless, you enjoy crushing your rivals! The Venus/Uranus opposition could damage some of your relationships. Tension is in the air!

  • JULY

    With Mercury in Cancer, you're a lot less blunt and straightforward than usual! You should enjoy meeting new people, one of whom could quickly become a good friend of yours. Meanwhile, the Mars/Uranus duo tries its best to unsettle your career. Resist the temptation to hand in your resignation!


    Proceed with caution as far as one of your projects is concerned. With the dissonances of Mercury and Neptune, you could be manipulated and taken advantage of. A good friend could also stab you in the back! Saturn opposite the Sun seriously dampens your spirits... Take the time to think about which direction you'd like your life to be heading in!


    You're not ready for the summer to be over yet! Mercury in your shadow sector makes it hard for you to hit the ground running this September. But Jupiter and Mars will help you pull yourself together before it's too late. Your love life and friendships are protected. Being surrounded with people you can trust and rely on cheers you up!


    A secret affair? Your relationship at a standstill? A crush or partner ghosting you? All of the above? With the planets present in your shadow sector, your love life feels incredibly confusing. You're not sure what you're expected to do next! Don't be afraid to ask people who you can trust for advice...


    The Venus/Mercury/Sun transiting in your sign and forming a trine with Neptune/Jupiter brings you even closer to your significant other. You and your partner are literally inseparable! You're no longer doubting your relationship, that's for sure... Incredibly creative, now is the right time to get innovative projects underway!


    Venus and Mercury team up to look after your finances and spice up your sex life! A new partnership could prove particularly successful and lucrative this month. You're a shrewd businessperson! Your love life is also doing well. A promising encounter can be expected if you're single. In a relationship, this is the time for you and your partner to talk about expanding your family!

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